Here we have our New to the market GP Handlebar Protectors.

Our GP Handlebar Protectors were designed to protect grips and handle bars in the event of a crash and look good doing it.

Have you ever crashed and ripped the end of your grips or smashed the end of the grip right off and got dirt inside the throttle tube area? This can end your day very quickly.

With our new GP Handlebar Protectors those problems are a thing of the past.

To install our GP Handlebar Protectors, we use a special expansion collet design to hold the these Handlebar Protectors in tight. Zero Resistance Throttle LLC’s  design allows our collet to expand from both ends when tightened. This way, we unsure an even parallel connection from the collet to the Inside Diameter of the Handlebars. With this connection, you get an unparalleled level of rigidity and bar end protection. These mounts are the same mounting style we use with our Bark Buster (Wrap Around) style mounts. The ultimate in protection for your motorbike. And they wont budge when your motorcycle gets thrown to the ground.

Precision CNC Machined right here in the USA with pride, they are Anodized and laser engraved to add to the good looks to your bike all the while giving the ultimate in bar end protection.

The GP Handlebar Protectors can be purchased through our website or your local retailer.


This particular Kit is for motorcycles with regular or “Lock On” grip sets. We have a different product SKU if you are looking to add these to your Zero Resistance Throttle Assembly.

The GP Bar End kit consists of,

2 Anodized and Laser Engraved Bar End Discs

8 expansion collets. (They each have a different Outside Diameter. This way we can give you a collet that will be close to the size of the Inside Diameter of your current handlebars.)

2 Stainless Steel nuts tapped M8-1.25

2 M8-1.25 x 35mm Long Flat Hex Head Bolts


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