This is the E-Throttle built for the KTM Husk and GG E-Mini bikes. We have two styles. The ZRT-044 for the Pro Taper Micro Grips. And the ZRT-043 for the Odi Mini Grips. The reason why we have two different styles is grip fitment. We dont want our mini parents wire tying grips. So we made two different diameters.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 4 × 6 cm
Handlebar Type

Stock OEM Bars, Renthal 999, Renthal Standard, Renthal Fat Bar Standard, Renthal Twin Wall Standard, Renthal 7/8, Mika Metals Raw Series, Mika Metals PRO Series, Pro Taper Fuzion, Pro Taper EVO, Pro Taper Contour, Pro Taper SE, Pro Taper Micro, Pro Taper Tracker, Pro Taper Pit Bike, Fasst Flex Bars, Tag Metals T3-SE 7/8, Tag Metals T-2 OS 1-1/8, Sherco OXIA S3, Harley, Fly, Steel OEM


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